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As an SM Elite, you are investing in a once-in-a-lifetime experience where an entire day is focused on you! It is the perfect opportunity for you to let your personality shine and be part of the SM Elite Tribe all while giving back to the community! Being an SM Elite is something you can brag about to all your friends while feeling good about being part of something much bigger than just senior pictures.

The SM Elite investment includes a personalized 4-5 hour session, professional hair and make-up, hand selected outfits, your favorite music, snacks, awesome fun with your friends, star treatment for the day and so much more!  You will also get personalized “bragging cards” to hand out to all your friends and family AND you get to rock out the SM Elite gear!

**I only accept a limited number of SM Elites each year so that I am able to focus on each of my SM Elites and provide them with an exceptional and personalized experience from start to finish. Please email me about pricing. 

I’d love to hear why you would make an awesome SM Elite! Click below to request the SM Elite Guide!



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