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The SM Elite Philosophy is focused around providing seniors with the highest quality experience during your session but also creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere in SM Elite Tribe! As a SM Elite, your session will not about the picture themselves. It’s actually ALL about celebrating YOU and your awesome qualities while having your pictures done! Every SM Elite session helps gives back to the community by donating part of the investment to a local organization. The best part about being a SM Elite is not only will you have a personalized session, but will be part of a bigger movement in making a positive impact on the local community!

My main focus throughout your experience as a SM Elite is for you to be part of a tribe that supports other students, and gives back to the local community all while celebrating your style and personality during your SM Elite Session! If you're ready for an entire day of rock star treatment and celebrating your style and personality during your senior session, than you need to be a SM Elite!


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